I suppose you stashed my spaceship in the attic.
Actually, it’s in the storm cellar.

Smallville “Pilot” Parallels - “Pilot” aired October 16, 2001

The longest-running superhero series in television history made its debut back on October 16, 2001, on the WB with 8.4 million viewers.

SMALLVILLE: Erica Durance & Tom Welling » September 22, 2004
↳ 10 years ago today, Erica Durance made her debut as Lois Lane in the episode ‘CRUSADE’. Not only that, we got to see Lois & Clark’s iconic first meeting and the start of the fantastic chemistry between Tom Welling & Erica Durance.

"It was only a matter of time until… Lois."

Clark Kent, international man of mystery.

clark kent + white

Clark Kent in Noir

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Always hold onto Smallville.

Smallville scenery. Watercolour, A4

Erica Durance on Tom Welling’s glasses suggestion (Idol DVD Commentary)